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Saftey Series Products

Grip Tight Circuit Breaker Lockout

NO. 491B

NO. 493B

NO. 506

    Greatest Hold Strength Combined With Universal Fit

    Grip Tight circuit breaker lockouts provide a secure and simple mounting for a solid lockout. The grip tight with a simple thumb turn and clamping handle. The Grip Tight Circuit Breaker lockout provides superior holding power.

    The exclusive Grip Tight design accomodates virtually all styles of breaker toggles. It's narrow profile permits side-by-side breaker lockout.

    Durable construction with powder coatd steel and reinforced polymer allows operation in harsh environments.
Master Lock Model #
Circuit Breaker Lockout - tall and wide toggles
Circuit Breaker Lockout - standard single and double toggles
Set of each device - one 491B and one 493B

Rotating Electrical Plug Lockouts

NO. 487

NO. 488

    Outward/Inward Rotation Allows for Easier Application and Storage

    The lockout device surrounds the electrical plug, protecting against accidental reconnection. This unique, patent-pending rotating design allows for easier installation in confined spaces. In addition, each size rotates into itself for compact storage in safety tool boxes.

    Master Lock Rotating Electrical Plug LockoutElectrical plug lockouts come with high-visibility permanent safety labels that can be written on to identify the rsponsible person. They can then be erased and used for the next job.

    Master Lock electrical lockouts have tough, lightweight, dielectric Xenoy thermoplastic bodies that can withstand chemicals and perform effectively in extreme conditions.

    Rotating Electrical Plus Lockouts are available in two sizes. One size fits most 110 and many 220 volt plugs. A larger size fits most 220 and 550 volt plugs.
Master Lock Model #
2.25" dia. x 3.25" with cord dia. up to .75 (Most 110 and many 220 volt plugs)
3" dia. x 6" with cord dia. up to .75" (Most 220 - 550 volt plugs)

Oversized Plug & Hoist Control Cover

NO. 453L

    ffectively Locks Out Odd Size and Large Electrical Connectors and Hoist Controls

    This cinch sack device provides a broad range of lock out coverage including oversized plugs, hoist controls, electrical connectors and other large or odd-size devices. The cinch sack is 7 inches in diameter by 17 inches tall. A short section of PVC tubing is used to prevent control buttons from being pushed through the bag.

    This flexible and durable rip-stop nylon bag fits easily in safety tool boxes.
Master Lock Model #
Nylon oversized Plug & Control Lockout
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