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Safety Series Products

Extreme Environment Tags. Lasting performance in any conditions.

The toughest environments call for the toughest products. Extreme Environment Tags from Master Lock deliver long-lasting performance - indoors and out.

Made from rugged industrial-grade polypropylene, Extreme Environment Tags are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Dust and dirt. High humidity. UV radiation. Harsh chemicals. Frequent washdowns. Extreme temeratures. You name it.

Throughout it all, these tags remain usable and easy to read. Our patent-pending process permanently fuses the graphics into the tag. Choose from a wide selection of standard lockout tags, or create your own design - from simple text to complex graphics. You can even enhance your lockout program with durable photo ID lockout tags for each employee.

Made for the toughest applications. Food processing. Mining. Refineries. Oil rigs. Chemical plants. Paper mills.

To make sure Extreme Environment Tags perform in the toughest applications, we subjected them to more than 4,000 hours of QUV accelerated weather testing. They passed with flying colors - even when subjected to more than 30 different chemicals and extreme temperatures ranging from -50 degrees to 220 degrees F.

Chemical agents tested: Acetone, Aliphatic solvents, Ammonia, Anionic surfactants, 2-Butoxyethanol, Benzene, Benzyl ammonium chloride, Butanol, Chlorinated alkaline cleaners, Chlorine bleach, Cryogenic liquids, Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, Ethylene oxide, Formaldehyde, Glycol ether solvents, Hydrochloric acid, Isopropanol, Ketone, Methanol, Methyl polysilicone, Mineral oil, Napththa, Phosphoric acid, Potassium hydroxide, Potassium hypochlorite, Propylene oxide, Quaternary ammonium chloride, Sodium hydroxide, Tetraacetate, Toluene, Trisodium phosphate, Vinegar, Wash solvent, Xylene

NO. S4002

NO. S4008

NO. S4017

NO. S4029

NO. S4039

NO. S4055

NO. S4054

NO. S4701

NO. S4003

NO. S4012

NO. S4022

NO. S4032

NO. S4043

NO. S4047

NO. S4702

NO. S90001

NO. S4005

NO. S4013

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NO. S4700
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