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Saftey Series Products

Padlock Identification Labels

NO. 6835-5700

NO. 0411-5705

    Photo Identification Labels

  • Personalize your safety padlocks in your facility to make the user immediately recognizable. These labels are available for Lightweight Safety Lockout, High Visibility Aluminum, and Anodized Solid Aluminum padlocks.

  • Write-On Labels

  • Customize Steel Body Padlocks with these write-on labels that provide the worker name and department. They include a clear overlaminate to protect the label and provide long life.

  • NO. 461
Master Lock Model #
Photo ID labels for No. 411 Padlocks (6/pk.)
Photo ID labels for Nos. 1105, 1106, 1107, 1165, 1166, 1167 and 6835 Padlocks (6/pk.)
No. 3 lick labels with clear overlaminate (40pk.)

Padlock Laser Engraving

    A permanent and durable method to customize your safety lockout padlocks

  • Master Lock Laser Engraving allows you to permanently identify employee information on padlocks. This service is available for Lightweight Safety Lockout and High Visibility Aluminum padlocks. Laser Engraving requires a 48 piece minimum order. There is a 4-week lead-time and a minimum charge per lock per marking area. Please call for more information.
  • Lazer engraving can include a name, logo or key number. You select the important information to be engraved on the padlock. Information may be engraved on the front, back and sides.


NO. 71CS

NO. 71SC8

    Safety Lockout Accessories For OSHA Compliance

    Lightweight Zinc Plated Steel Chain
  • Chains keep padlocks close to equipment requiring safety lockout. Chains are nine inches long and include a chain holder. Chains fit all Master Lock shackle collars

  • Shackle Collar
  • Two Master Lock shackle collars are available. One fits 1/4 inch diameter and smaller shackles. The other fits 9/32 inch diameter shackles for laminated steel padlocks.

  • Brass Tags
  • 1/2" x 1-3/4" brass tag with a ring for attaching it to padlock shackle collars.

  • NO. 71TAG
Master Lock Model #
9" Long lightweight zinc plated steel chain with chain holder attached; fits all Master shackle collars (ordered separately) (12 pk.)
9" Long heavy-duty zinc plated steel chain with chain holder attached; fits all Master shackle collars
Shackle Collar. Fits 1/4" diameter shackles and smaller; for Nos. 410, 411, 1105, 1106, 1107, 1165, 1166, 1167, 6835 and 6836 padlocks
Shackle Collar. Fits 9/325" diameter shackles; for No. 3 laminated steel padlocks
1/2" x 1.75" Brass tag with ring for attaching to shackle collars listed above

Key Charting
Key Record Keeping For Lockout Systems

It is important that each employee at a site has a padlock key that is unique. To help prevent duplicate keys from jeapordizing your lockout program you can register your facility. Once registered, you will be send you a User Identification Number. By using that I.D. number each time you order additional padlocks Master Lock will use a new key code for each one they manufacture for you. When used properly, this free service helps ensure that each employee carries a key unique to them.
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