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Saftey Series Products

Adjustable Cable Lockout

NO. 8611

NO. 8615

    Infinitely Adjustable for a Secure Fit Every Time
    Easy to use. Simply feed the cable through whatever needs to be locked out and back through the lockout body, cinch tight to remove slack and apply up to four locks.
    Specifications: Patent-pending, single-piece hasp and cable means nothing is lost or misplaced. Flexible cable is made of 1/4"-dia. steel with clear vinyl coating. Lockout is made of dielectric Xenoy® to withstand chemicals and temperature extremes. No. 8611 has a 6'L cable. If you need something longer, you can replace the cable with No. 8615. Lockout has a permanently attached erasable danger label. English, Spanish and French.
Master Lock Model #
Adjustable Cable Lockout with 6'Cable
Separate 15' Cable for use with No. 8611

Group Lock Boxes

NO. 503RED

NO. 503YLW

NO. 498A

    Storage Devices Capture Keys For Effective Lockout of Large Equipment
    Secure each lockout point on a piece of equipment with just one designated lock. Then capture those keys by placing them in a lock box. Each authorized emplyee locks on personal safety lock onto the box, removing their lock only when their work is complete.

    The Master Lock exclusive Latch Tight feature ensures that keys cannot be accessed until the last lock is removed, regardless of the padlock shackle diameter or length. This integrated storage Standard Group Lock Boxsystem organizes up to twelve keys, or hundreds of bulk keys. Latch Tight Group Lock Boxes may be wall mounted or portable.

    Group lock boxes are durable poweder coated either red or yellow, with a stainless steel handle.

    The Standard Group Lock Box, shown to the left, accomodates locks from up to twelve workers and one supervisor. (Available only in red.)
Master Lock Model #
Latch Tight Group Lock Box - Red
Latch Tight Group Lock Box - Yellow
Standard Group Lock Box
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