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Saftey Series Products

Rotating Gate Valve Lockouts

NO. 481

NO. 482

NO. 485

    Outward/Inward Rotation Allows for Easier Installation and Storage

  • Master Lock gate valve lockout devices surround the valve operating handle to protect against accidental valve opening. The unique, patent-pending rotating design allows for easier installation in confined space applications.
  • The center knockout can be removed for rising stem gate valves.
  • Each size rotates into itself to fit effectively in safety tool boxes. Each size also nests within the next larger size to save space during storage.
  • Rotary Gate Vale LockoutsRotating Gate Valve Lockouts include high-visibility permanent safety labels in three languages. The labels can be written on to identify the responsible person, then erased for the next job.
  • Made from dielectric Xenoy, the tough, lightweight thermoplastic bodies withstand chemicals and perform effectively in extreme conditions.
Master Lock Model #
Fits 1" to 3" dia. valve handles
Fits 2" to 5" dia. valve handles
Fits 4" to 6.5" dia. valve handles
Fits 6" to 10" dia. valve handles
Fits 8" to 13" dia. valve handles
1 set of Numbers 480-484

Seal Tight Ball Valve Lockout

NO. 468L

    Provides Universal Fit for Valve Applications and Diameters

  • Another exclusive Master Lock Safety Series lockout device, the Seal Tight Ball Valve lockout device works on virtually all valve sizes and in all applications.
  • The patent-pending design eliminates the risk of valve reactivation by movement of the handle. With Seal Tight, remove and store the handle and conceal the valve steam for secure lockout.
  • This lockout works in virtually all valve installations--metal and PVC valves, insulated pipes, pipes mounted close to a wall or ceiling, and valves with tight access due to the close proximity of other valves or pipes. It provides a universal fit that effectively locks valves from 3/8 inch to four inches.
  • Constructed of durable PVC polyester fabric and HOPE plastic, the Seal Tight Valve Lockout withstands corrosive environments and operates in temperatures from -40 to 250 degrees F.
Master Lock Model #
For Valve Diameters Of:
Seal Tight Valve Lockout, 11.5" H x 12.75" W x 2.5" D
3/8" to 4"

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